Ways of describing and characterizing a person in an essay

The aim of a descriptive essay is to broadly give your subjective personal opinion on a definite subject matter, which could be a film, book or musical presentation or album. More often than not, it is proposed to write a descriptive person essay, whereby the characteristics of the said person is shared. A descriptive essay such as this is not only targeted at the physical appearance of a person but also their qualities, character, temperament and some actions or behavior is certain instances. These attributes will be highlighted in some topics under this articles and tips will be given in how to go about them.

The start of a descriptive essay involves the choice of an object and its controlling principles of that choice. Ordinarily, historical personalities are a better option when indulging in such essays, such as athletes, distinguished politicians, notable scientists and so on.

A descriptive person essay should include the following aspects;

l  Information regarding the historical aspects of a person. What characteristics and qualities this person possesses and how they inspired the essay. The historical traces they have and the main points in their biography.

l  Information regarding their appearance. Although a person appearance does not really have much to do with their personality but a visual representation of them would do no harm to the essay.

l  Styles of Leadership and management types. In this topic, it is required that the different management types and leadership styles are highlighted, properly distinguishing them. For instance, the democratic leadership style properly distinguished from the authoritarian style.

l  The various values and principles in leadership. This essay should answer questions regarding the qualities and values a true leader should share and practice. This should be morally inclined.

l  Descriptive essay about a leader. This particular essay should talk more on an outstanding person as a leader and could be from a wide range of people as leaders in their various spheres of the society.

l  Leaders you know personally. What kind of leaders they are and how they have affected you personally. This might be your father or your sports coach or anyone at all you have crossed paths with.

l  You as a leader. This just sheds more light on your qualities as a person and as a leader, what leadership skills you possess and which ones you lack.

From these topics you can pick any one and discuss them extensively.

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